Thanks to the generosity of the Barts Bash Participants

Durleigh came 173rd out of 460 fund raising clubs, with a total of £250


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Another date for your diary.  As I am sure you won’t want to miss our Annual Christmas Pudding Race, together with mince pies and punch for all. It will be held on the morning of December 7th. 

The race will start at 11.00 a.m. and we would love to see a good turn out.   There will be prize puddings for the first 3 places.

The pie and punch is for all members to come along and join us for some festive cheer in the warmth of the club house. ( about 12 noon ).

Look forward to seeing you on the day.

Lynn Harland,  Sailing Secretary


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All those wishing to sail the Icicle Series, which starts on 4th January 2015, please sign up to the list which is on the board in the club house. It would be nice to see some of the BB participants out racing. Please remember that wetsuits or drysuits must be worn for the Icicle Series. Believe me, you need them. This has proved to be a good series for the last couple of years. You might even get your picture in the local paper.

If you have any queries about the racing, I am more than happy to help

Lynn Harland,  Sailing Secretary.

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1st Tom Abbott, Streaker

2nd Andrew Billington, Supernova

3rd Dan Langdon, Laser eps

4th Stephen Brown, Laser

5th Scott Bonner & Steve Chidgey, RS400

6th Tom Darlington, Laser

7th Martin Harland, Phantom

8th Nick Tasker, Comet Duo

9th Lynn Harland, Streaker

10th Mark & Vivienne Postma, Enterprise

11th Eddie Oliver, Comet Versa

12th Geoff Bowyer, Comet Versa

13th Steve Briggs & Sue Weston, Comet Trio

14th Joseph Wigley, Laser Radial

15th Pete Sedgwick, Laser

16th Bob Langford & Barry Darlington, Comet Trio

17th Ray Smith, Vareo

18th Richard Maltby, Phantom

19th J.Hatizdogiannakis &Vanessa Smith, Wayfarer

20th Malcom Molineaux, Mirror

21th Ian & Josh Sturdy, Laser2

22nd Sophie Russell, Topper

23rd Thomas Russell, Laser Radial

24th Stephen & Marcus Mennell, Miracle

25th David & Hilary Cockroft, Comet Zero


First Lady  =  Lynn Harland

First Junior  =  Joseph Wigley

First Grand Master  =  Tom Abbott

Lynn Harland,  Sailing Secretary.






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Bart’s Bash

Well, we did it! 28 boats entered with 37 members, all supported by another 25 plus spectators. Conditions were near perfect and made for some exciting sailing. Durleigh results were;
1st place – Tom Abbott,
2nd place – Andrew Billington,
3rd place – Dan Langdon.
We will have to wait and see if they have beaten Sir Ben or Iain Percy?

Bart's Bash

Due to it being a world record attempt it became a difficult and complicated event to organise but thanks to a dedicated group of organisers it all ran very smoothly. A special thanks should go to Steve Briggs and Sue Weston as Event Managers who put in a phenomenal amount of work over the last few weeks. Other thanks should go to the Race Control, Safety Boat and Galley staff. Also the independent witnesses, Paul King and Ed Lane, and the steward Joy York who all gave up their Sunday to support us.

Hopefully we can do it again, next year.

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1st  Geoff Bowyer

2nd  Richard Maltby

3rd  Steve Briggs & Sue Weston

Nice to see some new faces, well done guy’s

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11 boats and 13 competitors entered the Durleigh leg of the Somerset Triangle on Sunday. Sadly no other clubs competed. I think I can say that all had a good days racing, helped along with some yummy bacon rolls. thank’s to Steve and John. (Durleigh bake off team) Final results are:-

1st Scott Bonner & Steve Chidgey

2nd Bob Langford & Barry Darlington

3rd Lynn Harland

There is still time to sign up for Bart’s Bash next Sunday 21st.  The race will start at 11 a.m. Free Barbi for all who enter. Set to be another great day. See you on the start line.

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DSC, had a good turn out of 22 entries for the Summer Series

The Final Results are:-

1st Tom Abbott

2nd Lynn Harland

3rd Martin Harland

The Ostrobogulous series continues to be well supported, and is still breaking records with 16 entries for the afternoon series.   Final Results are:-

1st Tom Abbott,  34 points.

Joint 2nd  Dan Langdon  &  Eddie Oliver . 27 points each.

Richard Maltby only one point behind on 26 (got to be worth a mention).

Well done all who entered, glad to see that people are enjoying the series.

Autumn Series starts Sunday 7th September, hope to see you on the Water.

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1st Scott Bonner

2nd Martin and Lynn Harland

3rd Malcolm Bale and various crews (mostly Liz)

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DSC now have a new face on the Committee. Joe Wigley has become our Junior representative. So all youngsters that have anything that they would like to see happen at the club, Joe is the chap to see.

Welcome on board Joe.


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